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To receive your Special Voucher, email Trevor and he will add the coupons directly to your account. 
The Special Voucher includes...
a) 1 Free Design from our entire online collection.
b) 50% off any other Design or Design Pack.


Members of the Learning Studio receive US$60.00 off the purchase of our exciting new DVD "Learning to Digitize - Just the Basics". Regular price is US$160.00 and shipping is free, your cost is only US$100.00. This DVD is 110 minutes long and is based on the enthusiastic class that Trevor offers at shows and in stores. The DVD also comes with a Pick 50 that enables you to choose 50 designs of your choice from the Stitchitize on-line collection. The DVD also comes with basic membership to the Learning Studio.  Since you are already a member you can give the new membership to a friend for them to join. All members of the Learning studio are eligible for the $60.00 discount coupon. 

To receive your coupon you need to send Trevor an email to request it.  Trevor will add the coupon to your account in the Stitchitize Store. 
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