The Stitchitize Embroidery Design Road Show is our opportunity to travel and teach live classes or show off our collection of embroidery. We plan to attend Trade Shows, Retreats, and Special events. We will post all of the dates, places and details as information is available.

Trevor Conquergood learning the art of
Embroidery Digitizing.
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Trevor is a 2nd generation embroiderer and digitizer. He has been digitizing since 1984 and has been the manager of the Stitchitize design team since 1988. Keeping pace with technology, Trevor has gained experience with many types of graphics and digitizing systems. His passion and enthusiasm about the art of digitizing comes across in his teaching. Through the Stitchitize Embroidery Design Road Show, Trevor teaches the art of digitizing to small and large groups in the …

The class will be non-software specific. It is intended for anyone who wants to digitize and is interested in learning from others. The class will cover the basics and theory of embroidery design and will include advanced tips and tricks. Course outline includes but is not limited to:

  • Art preparation (with good artwork you’ll get it right the first time)
  • Push and Pull (solve the mystery)
  • Underlay (how much and when)
  • Lettering (how to create letters from scratch & how to work with stock fonts)
  • Editing (what can you do to improve the runability of an existing design)
  • Applique (add a new dimension to a design while saving time and stitches)
  • Colour Blending (discover how easy this amazing technique really is)
  • Puffy Foam (some helpful tips)
  • Realistic Fur (conquer the animals)
  • Copyright Law (just some basics)
  • Hat Design (learn the secrets)
  • Material (how it affects a design)
  • Pathing properly (how to punch for production)

Trevor invites you to bring examples and questions to the class.

October 19, 2006 - October 22, 2006
Toronto Ontario Canada
Basic and Advanced classes on the Art of Embroidery Design Creation.

Creative Sewign and Needlework Festival
International Center
For more information see the CFNS web site.

Bev Shumilak (Central Sewing) says of the Road Show:

"Bev's Seal of Approval:I have never met as knowledgeable a digitizer as Trevor. If you are just starting into digitizing be sure to attend - the hints and tips you will pick up will save you hours of frustration. If you are an advanced digitizer or attended his 1-day workshop don't miss the 2nd day. You will be amazed."

Sharon Safranyos says of the Road Show:

"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise at this show. You managed to solve so many of my problems in that 1.5 hours !! I was half way to figuring out some of them but without knowing why !! You are an excellent teacher, I will be signing up for the on-line lessons shortly, and may just have to purchase your CD too.
(1.5 Hour class at the Spring Creative Sewing Festival in Toronto 2002)"

Ellen Fullerton says of the Road Show:

"Hi Trevor,
Thank you! Thank you! The training session in Calgary was terrific. You certainly addressed the questions that I had regarding the digitizing "process". I was impressed with the methodical simple step by step procedure. I only hope that soon I will be able to digitize half as confidently as you."