Embroidery creation is a process where the embroidery designer takes a two dimensional piece of artwork and creates a three dimensional embroidery design. The Learning Studio is a place where the process can be learned by trying new things and by sharing knowledge with others.

Stitchitize is a professional design studio that has produced over 50,000 embroidered designs since 1984. Stitchitize is a division of a family business started by Wendy and George Conquergood. Their sons, Trevor and Carl, and daughter Andrea, have all become involved in the company over the years. Trevor manages Stitchitize Embroidery Design Service and produces Club Stitchitize, the customer appreciation part of our website. Stitchitize has a design team working full-time on creating embroidery designs. The information exchange between our artist and designers is incredible, promoting new ideas all the time. Since we all look at things in life from different perspectives, this information exchange is valuable to the development of a well rounded digitizer.

The "Learning Studio" is an on-line learning tool based on the art of digitizing artwork for embroidery. Our goal is to provide an environment where we can share the valued knowledge that Stitchitize has to offer about digitizing. We also encourage others to share their knowledge as well. Through the Internet, people from many countries can join the "Learning Studio". Together we can raise the level of knowledge about the creation of embroidery designs.

Although the "Learning Studio" is the combined efforts of the Stitchitize Team it is primarily authored by Trevor Conqurgood.

Trevor is a 2nd generation embroiderer and digitizer. Trevor has been digitizing since 1984 and has been the manager of the Stitchitize design team since 1988. Keeping pace with technology, Trevor has gained experience with many types of graphics and digitizing systems. Trevor's passion and enthusiasm about the art of digitizing comes across in his teaching. Through the Stitchitize Embroidery Design Road Show, Trevor teaches the art of digitizing to small and large groups.

Trevor is Married to Lorna and proud father of Lauren, Nicholas, and the late Scott.