July 2001

Stitchitize got a new home. We moved to this beautiful building in downtown Saskatoon. Our new address is 313 Ontario Ave. and we are just 2 doors north of the Keg Restaurant. Stitchitize is up stairs and it is a beautiful studio type office. The building is called Creative House, after the music recording company that built it. We think it is fitting as we are a very creative family business.
July 1st is Canada day and we had lots of fun going to two parties. First was our nephew George's 6th birthday party. He managed, or should I say, his dad Ryan managed, to land a new toy airplane on the neighbour's roof. Then, we were off to Bessborough Gardens where our friends, the Rockin' Highliners, were one of the bands.

Robert Tycholis , lead singer with the band, is big Lauren fan!
The Rockin' Highliners
They have a great web site
and are awesome live!
Design Details
Name:  Baby Corner
Stock Number:  Cs014
Description:  Baby Corner
Size:  90mm wide by 85mm tall
3.54" wide by 3.35" tall
Stitches: 8348 sts
Colours:  18
Sewing Sequence:  1)Border -blue
Bottlom Block
2) Blue
3) Yellow
4) Red
5) Black - detail
6) Black - "A & B"
Bottom Ball
7) Light Purple
8) Purple
9) White
10) Beige
11) Brown - detail
Top Ball
12) Light Green
13) Dark Green - detail
Top Block
14) Blue
15) Yellow
16) Red
17) Black - detail
18) Black - "A & B"
Available Formats: sew, xxx, art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jan, jef, ofm, pcs, pes, pxf
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