The Story of Scott Carl Conquergood
Trevor and I are so in love. The most beautiful way we know how to express our love is the creation of our family. When we found out we were expecting our second baby, Trevor and I were thrilled and fell in love all over again, with each other, and with our new little one. My pregnancy was very healthy, with no real troubles, and we were only weeks away from our due date when the future we looked forward to was permanently altered. It began on Thursday, September 13th at our weekly prenatal examination. I had no indication that there was anything wrong, but when our doctor went to check for the baby's heartbeat she couldn't find one.  
In a panic, we rushed to the hospital. Once we had the ultrasound, our worst fears were confirmed, somehow our baby had died. Through our shock and tears, we listened as the doctors and nurses coached us through the motions. They induced labour and I delivered a beautiful baby boy, knowing that he had already passed on, knowing that he wouldn't be staying with us. His birthday is September 14th and he was 6 pounds 3 ounces.
After he was delivered, the doctors diagnosed that a cord accident had caused his death. Trevor and I spent 6 hours with him, we named him Scott Carl Conquergood, and told him of our love for him. I wish so much that he was here with us, with Lauren, living and breathing and growing. But instead of his birth announcement, Trevor and I were now faced with planning his service, to say goodbye to our baby that touched our lives so briefly, yet so profoundly.

We had a beautiful service for Scott. We played music that helped express our emotions. Trevor and I looked to Father Brad to help us do the only thing we ever got to do for our son - plan his funeral. Father Brad's gentle words eased the ceremony from our hearts to our memories. We thank him for helping our family through this most difficult time. We would also like to thank our extended family and all our wonderful friends for their endless support in countless ways.

Trevor and I thank Lauren, but for her, we would be lost at what is good and pure in this world. Her innocence and beauty bring healing for our broken hearts. We pledge to her and Scott that we will help them know each other in the years to come.

One of the nice things that some of our friends did for us was buy a tree for Scott. We planted it at our cabin at the lake, as this was the place where we spent many days with him this summer. We sprinkled some of  his ashes when we planted this tree, so that he may help it grow and always be there with us.

Trevor and I now look at the future with jilted, yet new eyes. It's hard to understand why this happened, as cord accidents are sudden and unpreventible occurrences. The answers to our "why us?" questions are confusing and lonely. One thing we have gained is a much greater appreciation for life and giving birth. It truly is a miracle when a baby is born healthy.

Trevor and I are trying to work through the grieving process, as painful as it may be. I search for comfort in his arms and in my daughter's laughter. I cry a lot some days, and some days I just feel numb. I try to hope for happiness, and part of me is aware that in time, these wounds will heal, only to leave their scars on my heart, like proud war metals.

December 2001
With the festive season approaching, Lorna and I have had to prepare ourselves for a first Christmas. Not the first Christmas with our son, but our first Christmas without him. To help express our love for our son we are creating a Christmas Tree on which to hang beautiful embroidered ornaments, in memory of lost loved ones. We have all suffered the loss of dreams and our vision is to give our embroidery family the chance to share in Scott's Tree. This year, in particular, will have many missing people in many families due to the tragic events on September 11th. It is our wish to open our hearts and embrace those who are feeling helpless and ask if they would like to hang a ribbon on Scott's Tree of Remembrance for their loved one that is gone from our physical earth. This may help us feel like we can do something and that we are able to show the world that our loved one existed and that our love for them still does.

Click the image below or here for more information on Scott's Tree

Trevor and I would like to invite our extended embroidery family to email us if a show of support is your desire. We really enjoy our worldwide connection with all of you and appreciate when someone shares their stories with us.

Scott's Bear
65mm tall & 60mm Wide
5 Colours
8,626 sts

Sewing Sequence
1) tan-ear
2) lt brown-body
3) tan-face
4) drk blue-ribbon
5) lt blue-ribbon
6) black-detail

Sewing Instructions

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