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January 2004

January 2005

Trip to Thailand

In January, Janome Dealers from around Canada visited Thailand for a factory Tour. Trevor, Wendy and George were part of the group that made the exciting trip. It was a fun opportunity for Mom, Dad and Son to meet many store owners from around Canada. Seeing the factory was very interesting and enlightening. It was very nice to learn that the Janome factory in Thailand is ISO14001 certified which is an environmental standard. The average age of the factory worker is 35 and they all were very friendly to us. The factory is very modern and perhaps the most impressive part was the many stages of quality control. I guess that is why Janome can boast that they are the World's Largest Sewing Machine Company.

Above is Wendy and George outside the Janome factory. Next is Trevor and his Mom near the beach where Trevor had a refreshing and somewhat painful Thai massage.

We took in a famous Thai show called Alcazar. This is a song and dance show with very beautiful costumes. It was very hard to believe that all of the cast were men, YES, men!

We visited some Thai Buddhist temples and almost ran in to the King of Thailand. The photo above shows the Kings Guards outside a Temple that he was visiting. Unfortunately for us, we had to move on to the next temple. We also went to an elephant show and guess who got picked up by an elephant.

On the left above is Trevor with David Manierka of Janome Canada. David is such a good friend to Stitchitize and we thank David for the opportunity to be on this trip. In the middle is Scott Girling looking relaxed on a boat ride. On the right is Trevor with Dean Sawyer from Victoria.

No trip to Thailand would be complete without a tour of the canals of Bangkok. If you own a house on the canals you can park a car at your front door and a boat at your back door. It was interesting to see how the very wealthy live as neighbours to the very poor. In the photo on the right above we are waving to a floating vendor selling chicken skewers.

Just days before we went to Thailand tragedy hit when a Tsunami devastated the country. We did not visit the part of the country that was affected and where we were life seemed to go on as usual. Our hearts go out to all the people who were affected by this tragedy and we have a special embroidery design you may download for free in support of the relief effort.
Design Details
Name:  Thai Buddha
Stock Number:  Cs060
Size:  50.3mm wide by 80.3mm tall
1.98" wide by 3.16" tall
Stitches: 8725 sts
Colours:  3
Sewing Sequence:  1) Dark Gold RA 5527- buddha
2) Dark Brown RA 5551- buddha shading
3) Black RA 5596- detail
Available Formats: art, csd, dst, emb, exp, hus, jan, jef, ofm, pcs, pes, pxf, sew, vip, xxx
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