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March 2004

March 2005

Chilly Saskatoon

When it's -40C outside you can imagine how cold the Saskatchewan† river would be.† Yet at -40C,† steams rises from the river as it runs through Saskatoon like a hot cup of coffee.† Now that's cold!

Trip to Vancouver and Victoria

We love our spring visits to British Columbia. While Saskatoon is still frozen solid it is early spring on the left coast of Canada. Trevor participates in the spring Sewing Show in Vancouver and Victoria, and Lorna and the kids come along for trip.† We have friends in BC, and the trip is a nice break from winter in Saskatoon.† It will be months before it is this nice is Saskatoon.

Above are some of our best friends from Saskatoon that have moved to beautiful British Columbia. On the left is Lorna and Amanda on Granville Island where Amanda works. While in Vancouver, Trevor and Lorna will stay at our good friend Scott Leier's house.

Above are Scott with Drake and Carlene, with Boston and their two sons.

The Vancouver and Victoria Sewing & Craft Show

The group photo is of the entire staff of the 2005 Sewing Show. Loraine Duits produces this show and her entire family gets involved to pull it all together. They host a wonderful show. This year Trevor's good friend Lyla J Messinger was at the Victoria Show. Lyla has been known to put Trevor is her freedom wrap during fashion shows and good for a laugh. Lauren visited her dad and was seen digitizing on dad's computer. How about that, only 4 years old and digitizing already? Also above is Chris Wetmore and Scott Girling of Janome Canada with Trevor for a quick lunch at the show.

Trip to Cincinnati

Kramers Sew & Vac invited Trevor for a sewing retreat. The event was a lot of fun and as always Trevor made many new friends; the photos above are from the event. On the left is Greg and Shelly Gardner the owners of Kramers. In the middle is Dori Nanry of Floriani stabilizers with Anitra Gardner. Anitra is the daughter in law to Shelly and Greg and met her husband Patrick working in the store. On the right Trevor is with Nancy and Mike Burgess who were teaching at the show.†
Design Details
Name:  Kid's Art Cow
Stock Number:  Cs064
Size:  71.3mm wide by 66.5mm tall
2.81" wide by 2.62" tall
Stitches: 7831 sts
Colours:  9
Sewing Sequence:  1) Pink - udder
2) White - legs, body, head
3) Pink - tongue
4) Green - grass
5) Blue - eyes
6) Off White - eyelids
7) Silver - horns
8) Black - tuft of hair
9) Black - detail
Available Formats: art, csd, dst, emb, exp, hus, jan, jef, ofm, pcs, pes, pxf, sew, vip, xxx
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