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September 2000

Well I guess we can all be a little sad that summer is drawing to a close. It seems like just yesterday the weather got nice and now we are preparing for the fall again. Oh well, September is usually a very nice month here is Saskatchewan. It started out wonderful for our family. My sister Andrea and her partner Ryan tied the knot September 2nd. It was a beautiful ceremony with their 2 children standing up with them as the ring bearer and flower girl. Lorna made the wedding cake and this was her first one. It all turned out well as you can see.

Andrea and Ryan cut the cake George and Molly Lorna's first wedding cake The Conquergoods

Andrea and Ryan cutting the wedding cake.

George and Molly were the ring bearer and flower girl.

This is the cake that Lorna made for Andrea's wedding.

Trevor, Lorna and Lauren at Andrea and Ryan's wedding.

This month Lauren turns 4 months old. She gets more beautiful everyday, not to mention more intelligent. It's amazing to watch her change daily, babies absorb so much so fast. She's definately forming her own personality. The good news is that her personality is quite likable, she's healthy and happy. (She sleeps through the night most of the time and her mom loves this trait).

Another wonderful thing that has happened to our family this fall is that our nephew George has started Kindergarten. These kids sure do grow up fast. It seems like just yesterday that George was the same size as Lauren and now he's going to school!

The Leafs Fan!

Lauren at 3 1/2 months old. She's wearing her Toronto Maple Leaf outfit. Thanks Martine.

Design Details
Name:  Back to School
Stock Number:  CS004
Size:  45mm wide by 90mm tall
1.77" wide by 3.54" tall
Stitches: 4942 sts
Colours:  19
Sewing Sequence:  Left Girl
1) Gold - face, hands
2) Light Gold - hair
3) Red - dress, balloon, mouth
4) Blue - arms, legs, eyes, detail
Left Boy
5) Light Green - face, hands, feet
6) Dark Green - shirt, eyes
7) Black - arms, legs, detail
8) Gold - mouth
Right Boy
9) Light Blue - hands, feet
10) Gold - face
11) Light Blue - shirt, eyes, balloon
12) Black - detail
13) Red - buttons, mouth
Right Girl
14) Light Gold - hands, feet
15) Gold - face
16) Pink - dress
17) Dark Gold - legs, hair, detail
18) Red - mouth
19) Light Blue - buttons, eyes
Available Formats: sew, xxx, art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jan, jef, ofm, pcs, pes, pxf
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