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April 2001

Stitchitize is part of a family business that also includes sewing division called Broadway Embroidery. George and Wendy, Trevor's parents, oversee the family business and both Andrea and Carl, Trevor's brother and sister, are also involved. This past month, a new 6 head embroidery machine was delivered. It was quite the event around the office. Walls had to be removed and other embroidery machines were shimmied around to make room for the fancy new piece of equipment. It was no small task getting it in the building, as you may be able to tell from these photos. Add this 6 to a 12, 2 two heads, and a single head proofing machine, that makes our total 23 heads in our bright and sunny production room.
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This past month, Trevor entered his motorcycle in an annual bike show called Cyclemania. There were many customized & non-customized bikes of all sorts-Harleys, Hondas, mountain bikes, dirt bikes-you get the idea. It's kind of a "guy" show, however, I wouldn't want to be unfair to all the lady bike riders. The women had some of the nicest bikes in the show.
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Of course, our monthly mail could not go by without a little picture of Lauren. Here she is feeling warm and secure with her Nana, Trevor's mom. Sometimes, it seems as though it's tough for babies to stay awake. Most nights, Trevor and I wish Lauren would remember this fact at 4 am!
Design Details
Name:  April Rain
Stock Number:  Cs011
Description:  April Rain
Size:  50mm wide by 65mm tall
1.97" wide by 2.56" tall
Stitches: 4266 sts
Colours:  18
Sewing Sequence:  1) Light Blue - water
2) Yellow - boots
3) Flesh - legs
4) Blue - coat
5) Light Brown - umbrella handle
6) Flesh - hand (or mitten)
7) Black - detail
8) Red - umbrella piece
9) Purple - umbrella piece
10) Blue - umbrella piece
11) Green - umbrella piece
12) Yellowv - umbrella piece
13) Orange - umbrella piece
14) Black - detail
15) Blue - rain drops
16) Green - leaves
17) Yellow - flower center
18) Purple - flower petals
Available Formats: sew, xxx, art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jan, jef, ofm, pcs, pes, pxf
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