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January 2002

We had New Years Eve this year at the lake. Andrea (Trevor's sister), Ryan and their kids, George and Molly, along with Lorna, Lauren and I, went to our cottage at Wakaw Lake. We burned a lot of wood in our woodstove to keep the little, old cabin (and ourselves!) warm. The kids are all pretty small, so we celebrated the New Year Countdown with the people in Eastern Time zone. That way we could send the kids off to bed before it was too late at night. Our party had it all, shrimp rings, party hats, noisemakers, and even fireworks. The Fireworks were very funny, as Trevor set them all up in the snow on the lake, Lorna asked "Does it say how close together they should be?". Trevor said "NO" and proceeded to light the first one. Before we knew it, the whole bunch of them had all lit each other. We started and ended with the "Grand Finale". Fifteen seconds of glory and then it was all over. The kids thought the fireworks were very cool except for Lauren, who was too worried about her daddy to enjoy the show. We had a great time on New Years Eve, and we sure hope you did too.

Wendy and George Conquergood are Trevor's parents. They are a driving force behind our family business and also the glue that holds it all together. It is wonderful to work together as a family, we see each other every day. Andrea and Carl, Wendy and George's other two children, also work in the family business. Outside of the office, we all have our own special interests. George and Trevor like to watch football on TV when time allows, however, Wendy has a very interesting life away from the office.

Wendy loves Tai Chi and she also loves learning about health. She has been a vegetarian† for 20 years and looks so young she can easily pass for Trevor's sister. She realy enjoys her healthy lifestyle and is delighted to share her knowledge with those who asks for it. Wendy believes that the secret to vitality is a healthy diet and daily exercise. Of course, Wendy also likes to enjoy life's pleasures, like red wine and even bacon (just at special family brunches!). Wendy believes that it's a balance in life that will provide harmony and health.
Wendy is an excellent teacher and has many groups that she teaches Tai Chi. There are many health benefits to Tai Chi and it is an excellent exercise for all people. Through her own business, Wendy promotes healty choices and lifestyles. She calls it Harmony Health Holistics, her embroidered logo is shown above. Wendy works with people with MS to help them to learn Tai Chi as a way to help with muscle control and their general health. She has a cardiac rehabilitation group. She even has a club of members that practice and perform together. It is very beautiful to see her go through the motions of the many "Forms" she knows. It looks so effortless and peaceful. Wendy will tell you that Tai Chi is a moving form of meditation, and that by doing Tai Chi, you will exercise your body, inside and out. See the pictures of Trev's mom doing her Tai Chi? Doesn't she look beautiful? You can send Wendy email if you like. Her address is
Design Details
Name:  Party
Stock Number:  CS018
Description:  Party
Size:  90mm wide by 70mm tall
3.54" wide by 2.76" tall
Stitches: 6068 sts
Colours:  12
Sewing Sequence:  1) Light Pink - ribbon
2) Dark Pink - ribbon
3) Light Blue - ribbon
4) Dark Blue - ribbon
5) Red - balloon
6) Yellow - balloon highlight
7) Yellow - hat tassel
8) Yellow - hat stripe
9) Purple - hat border
10) Orange - confetti
11) Green - confetti
12) Purple - confetti
Available Formats: art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jan, jef, ofm, pcs, pes, pxf, sew, xxx
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