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June 2002

On May 21st, our daughter Lauren turned 2 years old. We had a party in our backyard for family and friends. Lauren had a great time and, as always, she stole the show. The theme for the party was "Blues Clues" and Lorna made a Blues Clues Cake. Lauren managed to stick her fingers in the cake before anyone got to see it, and dad was lucky to get a picture when he did. We also made hats for the kids with a paw print on the front. Lauren loves the bike she got (shown on the left). It makes noise and sounds like a motorcycle. She thinks she is just like her dad on his motorcycle. It was a nice sunny day for the party and everybody had a great time. Below are some pictures we took at the party.

The Story of Lauren's new Dress.
The beautiful new dress that Lauren is wearing in the photos above were made from scratch with love and sent to us by Kenolyn, a member of Club Stitchitize. She wrote to us and asked if she could make a dress for Lauren. I wrote back and told her we would be thrilled. She had us tell her the measurments for Lauren and let us pick the colour. The front of the dress is embroidered with Lauren's name and beautiful flowers. There is also a butterfly and cute little bees around her name. The dress turned out so lovely, and is such a generous gift for Lauren. Thanks so much to Kenolyn, a member of our embroidery family from Cut off, Louisiana.

Design Details
Name:  Globe Heart
Stock Number:  CS023
Description:  Globe Heart
Size:  66mm wide by 62mm tall
2.6" wide by 2.44" tall
Stitches: 10470 sts
Colours:  3
Sewing Sequence:  1) Light Blue - water
2) Green - continents
3) Dark Blue - borders
Available Formats: art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jan, jef, ofm, pcs, pes, pxf, sew, xxx
Additional Information: 


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