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July 2002

Stitchitize has been working with Janome Canada to promote Digitizing Training.† Trevor was honoured to be invited as a guest speaker to Las Vegas. All of the top dealers in Canada were in attendance and Trevor made many new friends. The Learning Studio was introduced as a place for new people in embroidery to learn about digitizing. As a result of the trip, the Stitchitize Embroidery Design Road Show will be visiting many of the Janome Dealer's stores to offer classes on how to Digitize. We will post the dates to our Road Show Page very soon. Stitchitize made hats to give to our new friends at Janome and the logo is shown above. Trevor and Lorna are shown above in front of the Mirage Hotel while shopping in the 110 degree heat.
We stayed at a beautiful resort called Mandalay Bay (picture shown above on the left). The dancing water in front of the Belagio is something to behold (picture shown above in the centre). We had a very nice supper with our new friends Dean and Barbara Sawyer from Victoria at the Voodoo Lounge Cafe on top of the Rio Hotel (picture shown above right). Las Vegas is† most impressive at night because of all the lights (see the pictures Trevor took below). Thanks very much to David Manierka, Shinji Tsunoda, Scott Girling and Chris Obermair of Janome Canada for being so very nice to Trevor and Stitchitize.
Viva Las Vegas.
Was that the King of Rock and Roll posing for pictures with Trevor and Lorna?
While in Las Vegas we attended the annual Fun Fest party and conference. Walter Floriani is an embroidery educator and he hosts a club of embroiderers from his web site called the FUN Club. As part of the annual Fun Fest party, the leg contest was held. Trevor of course got up on stage to add his legs to the spectacle. Oh what fun we had. Thanks Walter, for a great time!

Design Details
Name:  Happy Sun
Stock Number:  CS024
Description:  Happy Sun
Size:  45mm wide by 50mm tall
1.77" wide by 1.97" tall
Stitches: 4430 sts
Colours:  4
Sewing Sequence:  1) White - eye whites
2) Yellow - sun fill
3) Orange - border
4) Red - eye detail and mouth
Available Formats: art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jan, jef, ofm, pcs, pes, pxf, sew, xxx
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