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August 2002

Summer time in Saskatchewan, is a time to enjoy the warmth, the land and your family. Lorna, Lauren and I spend our free time at a lake near Saskatoon called Wakaw Lake. Some of our favorite things to do at the lake can be seen with a quick look at the photos above and below. To beat the heat we have a blow up swimming pool that is just big enough for all three of us to fit in at the same time. An evening trip to the Ice Cream Store shows Lauren wearing a milky moustache. Mommy and Daddy like to golf at Wakaw Lake and Lauren tries to drive the golf cart. Dad and Lauren fish off the end of the dock and, what do you know, we caught the cutest little perch. A quick kiss good-bye and we send the little fish back in the water to swim away. Oh what wonderful memories are made at the lake. We can hardly wait until next year. * big sigh *
Every August the Ex comes to Saskatoon. The fall fair comes with all of the excitement that you can imagine. There is something for everyone. Arts, crafts, paintings and photos from the local talent are judged and on display. There is also music, dancing, gambling, exhibits and one of dads favorites, the food fair. Ummm, the food fair! The rides at the Ex are always popular and Lauren is just big enough to enjoy them. Watching Laurenís face while on the kids rides is like re-living my own childhood. In the photo's above Daddy rides on the Merry Go Round with Lauren and Molly (Laurenís Cousin) rides in the duck with Lauren. This year we got together with Andrea (Trevorís Sister) and her family along with both sets of Laurenís grandparents to go to the Ex. That way we all get to enjoy the event together. Lorna, Lauren and I have a tradition at the Ex. We get funny photoís of ourselves taken by one of the carnies in his digital photo booth. You may remember pics from previous years where Lorna and I were things like; WWF Wrestlers, NHL Hockey players, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in Grease, or all three of us as Teletubbies. If you havenít seen those pictures you should take a look back in the previous months pages for August 2000 and 2001. They are worth a look. This year as you can see me as Agent 007, James Bond in one photo and Austin Powers in the other. Lorna, of course, is my leading lady. Lauren is the cute little bunny if you couldnít guess. These photos are lots of fun for us and they make for a nice memory of the Ex each year.
Design Details
Name:  Beach Toys
Stock Number:  CS025
Description:  Beach Toys
Size:  40mm wide by 70mm tall
1.57" wide by 2.76" tall
Stitches: 6127 sts
Colours:  12
Sewing Sequence:  1) Bright Green - shovel sides
2) Lime Green - shovel
3) Dark Green - shovel detail
4) Marine Blue - pail bottom
5) Medium Blue - pail rim
6) Bright Green - rake edges
7) Lime Green - rake
8) Light Blue - pail top edge
9) Medium Blue - pail handle
10) Navy - pail outline
11) Dark Gold - fish tails & eyes
12) Yellow - fish
Available Formats: art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jan, jef, ofm, pcs, pes, pxf, sew, xxx
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