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Floral Quilting Frames - Pack
Price $34.95 USD (77% off)
Sale: $20.97 USD until 2024-12-31 (86% off)

($150.00 if embroidery designs purchased individually)

Large Hoop Designs

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Floral Quilting Frames - Pack Pack
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Search results: (15 results) of 1
Butterfly Corners (Square Hoop)
7.63" x 7.65""
Cornflower Circle and Star (Square Hoop)
6.26" x 6.34""
Daisy Square (Square Hoop)
7.68" x 7.76""
Floral Circle (Square Hoop)
7.49" x 7.83""
Floral Motif (Square Hoop)
6.52" x 6.31""
Floral Pattern (Square Hoop)
5.92" x 5.92""
Floral Ribbon Border (Square Hoop)
6.37" x 7.09""
Full Floral Circle (Square Hoop)
6.91" x 6.63""
Large Circle Daffodil (Square Hoop)
6.52" x 6.56""
Large Flowers & Fruits (Square Hoop)
7.17" x 6.78""
Lily Square #2 (Square Hoop)
7.67" x 7.74""
Pin Cushion Floral
5.49" x 5.47""
Rose and Vine Square (Square Hoop)
7.7" x 7.11""
Two Large Vine and Flowers (Square Hoop)
7.37" x 7.51""
Winged Diamond Border with Flowers (Square Hoop)
7.62" x 7.7""
Search results: (15 results) of 1


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