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Janome Digitizer Video Guide

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Janome Digitizer Video Guide
Stock Number:
$40.00 USD

Learn about Janome Digitizer software on DVD with Trevor Conquergood. This video is divided into chapters so that you can review topics as needed.

Approximate run time is 120 minutes.

Suitable for all users of Janome Digitizer software, including Digitizer 2000, Digitizer 10000 and DigitizerPro. Trevor uses DigitizerPro in the video.

Topics Include:

  • open and save designs
  • edit, resize, reshape designs.
  • re-sequence the sewing order.
  • lettering, letter spacing, reshape letters and letter art.
  • stitch types - weave fill, embossed fill, motif fill, satin stitch.
  • underlay stitching - edge, center, zig zag, weave.
  • hands on tools to make objects.
  • review all object properties tabs.
  • image preparation and automatic digitizing.
  • special effects like photo click and auto applique
  • and so much more!
  • Watch a short promotional video.




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